Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Treatment #5 is behind me, back for more tomorrow...realizing that this series of events, this increcible journey, is really most amazing...I'm the local library story teller...I was actually told that this monster inside my head was growing so aggressively that I probably would have just dropped dead within a week...imagine doing the hokey pokey and traumatizing half the two year olds in town! I posted some pictures...briefly explained who they were and will try to get more up...set your alarms..2:10-2:15 again tomorrow and Friday, say die cancer, die...four times the treatment is short...there's something powerful going on here...I envision my storytime kids, stopping what they are doing, and shouting die, cancer, die! My granddaughters phone alarms sounding and them giving the world the hand and saying die, cancer, die! I see warriors out there! Kids are starting to mail me things, I'm pimping out my cane! I keep saying if you could take a brain tumor, turn it into it's worst case scenario and then a show...I'm rocking with it! Staying positive here, what choice do I have?

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