Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I do know this is me post op on the phone...someone should be filling in my blank spaces here...not sure who I was on the phone with, just glad to be alive!

Mel's sporting Mom's winter hat in her lovely solidarity doo! Miss Lila Brown loving on her! My girls!

Lila's initial reaction (notice the gum on her teeth!) I love all my kids...they were great...I'd open an eye and there would be another...they gave me a bigger room to accommodate my kids! Uncondidtional love rocks...I was lucky enough to experience something most people only think they know about...the story gets better...I'm tired and need to get some sleep...sorry this is disjointed but hey Im dealing with brain tumors...just remember to say die cancer die four times weekdays through the sixteenth at 2:10-2:15 Oregon time...thanks!

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My Semblance of Sanity said...

You are in my prayers Kendra!!!! We love you lady!!!

Can't wait to read the next post!!!