Friday, April 11, 2008


Wow! This radiation business is keeping my day's transporter team was my dear friend Julie and her daughter Shina...I hope I spelled her name right...daughter came in adorable outfit with apron ready to "serve"...she did well, got the dust bunnies growing along the upstairs hall...cleaned my shower, toilet, and sink to a sparkling sweet smelling place one can delight in had gotten bad...had it been public campgrounds, I would have opted for squatting in the bushes, the shower would have been cleaner from a garden hose...this child of nine wanted to do this and I let her...she also wanted to support me through the radiation, so she came along, her mother drove...I felt so loved! It was a very special time. My bank locked me out on line this morning so they drove me to the bank to take care of that before hand. Thank you Key Bank for fixing the problems! On the way home we stopped at the Cliff House and gorged on appetizers looking out over the Clackamas River...something we always think about doing but usually end up with pbj's on the porch steps and watching over Julie's six kids as they run and jump and was a very special time. I have a request, please pray for my friend Rich, and his wife Alice. Rich has just entered Hospice care and was devastated when he heard my news...Alice called this morning and was relieved that she was able to give me his love. Alice requests that being pain free be the focus, especially during the evening...said I'd love to pass it here goes warriors!

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cancersucks said...

I found your blog through a line of preppy moms blogs.....I am 38 and diagnosed with cancer last summer. Radiation and chemo....I remember them well. Take care of yourself and stay strong- rest, rest. I know some days it feels like you can't make it through, but you will. Thinking of you!