Sunday, April 13, 2008


There seems to be some concern about my hair. Believe me my neuro surgeon is the worst...he keeps saying he did not order my bald head and appeared extremely upset over it...after talking to my husband while en route to radiation on Wednesday, I was enlightened, I guess you could say, by the vanity in today's world. He said people's lives are saved, and then the doctors are sued because the small area that they shave to operate is cut crooked or an infection takes place because they tried to keep the area to a minimum for appearances sake. I'm the one who called my husband at home and asked him to call the lovely Miss Sheila, our personal friend and hairdresser to do me the honors. She only lives 10 minutes from the hospital I was in, she loved me, and I felt it would be best to have a bald clean area for the surgeons to work, and hair grows...I knew that I would just donate it to Locks of Love, and there was plenty of it. My hair had been waist length for years because I was lazy and it was easier to grow and twist into a bun at work or outside that it was to style or go get cut every six weeks or so. Miss Sheila gave me a call and said she was on her way. My daughter Mel, First Born Child of My Loins, assisted me in the shower and began the comb out process. By the time Sheila was there, we had called Nurse Becky for the anti-anxiety drug just in case, up until then I had refused it, saying I preferred being coherent in my visitations as long as I could...actually, this was harder on Sheila emotionally than I. Too bad I couldn't share the drugs. The biggest obstacle we faced was waiting for a broom and a dustpan at the end, we'd made quite a mess of the room. I'm about to make my surgeon a thank you card and I really want to alleviate his sense of doom about my hair. It's hair, it grows, I don't understand the vanity issue involved here.


Betsy said...

You are an amazing woman. To think that with all you are dealing with you still thought of all the others who loose their hair, you are a true inspiration. Thank you. (and for all the times I missed the time to say it - DIE CANCER DIE!!)

Manic Mom said...


I am so in awe that you visited my blog and know who I am! And we talked about you last night and what an amazing woman you are and how much spirit you hold! Just reading this one post shows me that!

Thank YOU for bringing all the girls together to Chicago so I could see them all (I had met Dawn previously)... we had a GREAT time last night!

I'm going to go watch Oprah now to see their smiling faces!


Shellie said...

You look great bald, and not many people can say that. I remember my aunt saying if she were God, she would have made us without hair, except then when she looked down on us all bald she's laugh so maybe not. But if we all went bald, think how much time we'd save getting ready. It could be really liberating.