Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's later and this grandma is tired!

Well it's just before six and I'm finally home and trying to catch up with myself. I should have been happy that I didn't step in doggie doo this morning...should have gotten down on my knees and thanked the Almighty for such a good start to a day from down under (and I don't mean Australia!)

I won't go into it in detail other than to say my work day was extended due to being short staffed due to illness...remember the sleeping twenty somethings from this mornings post? There was a wedding this weekend and they spread the love...I mean their germs...we live in a small town! My coworker sat at their table at the wedding reception. She is now ill. I blamed them. They laughed and then they did the dishes I left all over the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom!

I finally made it home, avoiding dog pooh as I retrieved the mail and trash receptacles down on the road. I'm tired! I'd like to retreat into a hot tub and have a drink...we have two hot tubs leaks and the other isn't hooked that isn't an option this evening. Instead I hauled firewood and finished the laundry I started this morning (three loads/it's only the two of us!)

I did have good moments today...friends stopped by to see me on their way back over the mountain...good friends, a couple, the very first people I met when I came to live in this little town. We were neighbors and shared our garden spot and pig pen. It was so good to see them even if it was for a very short while. I miss them in my everyday life.

It's getting dark here. Time for me to tend the fire and get the laundry put away. (Really, I smell pop corn and I am a popcorn pig-must hurry before they eat it all!)

Thursday morning, Garbage Day, and Dog Pooh!

I so hate Thursday mornings! And I so love Thursday mornings! Like most days, my mornings start with the fused light from the bathroom (fused my ASK!), then comes the man who sits on my side of the bed, sighs deeply and continues on with his morning chantra of "I'm leaving now, good luck with your day...and remember you said to tell you that you had a Staff meeting today"...Staff Meeting! You remembered! I have a Staff Meeting?! Oh dear! It's also garbage day! And Story Time at the library...after the Staff Meeting! OMG! Feet hit the floor running! Mind you it's 5 AM! Laundry! I need clean pants! We have a new dress code to go with the new library (actually the dress code and the library are nearly two years old! Time does fly!)

In between the laundry and the trash gathering, I made some coffee...gotta have something that mocks true energy...may as well be coffee! (Morman I'm not! No offense to those who are.) GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm starting to feel a little grumpy! None of that! Put on your smile and continue...I tend to talk to myself...out loud! In this case, at a whisper, the "twenty somethings" are sleeping upstairs...I keep them around to add humor to my life and haul the wheel barrow of firewood up on the porch! Add humor to my life? HA! They have completely opposite schedules and I hardly ever see them. I still leave notes and look for signs of their being here when I am sleeping. (Why is it we can't sleep until we hear the click of the door and know they've made it home safely?) I seriously thought that would end when they grew up! It's not happening! It hasn't happened!

Talk about rambling! I lost my train of thought! Ah yes! Thursday mornings...trash, laundry, I need pants! Coffee in hand I start to collect the trash. Stupid, I know. With coffee slopping out of my cup and trailing up the stairs I enter the upstairs bath to find the counter filled with empty glasses...dirty empty glasses...oh, I wish MY camera was working! (Picture in your mind a weeks worth of dirty glasses on the counter). I'd go get the dear husbands out if I had the time.

It has started to get light outside by then which is what I had hoped for (you can't see the dog pooh in the light). I don't have a dog...I think about it from time to time...see my previous post on that topic...I'm busy rambling here!

Dog Pooh! Change your shoes you idiot, you know it's down there and you're going to step in it! Be prepared! Accept the fact. Put on a smile and greet your life...stepping in doggy doo on a Thursday morning is part of it, deal with it!

MORE LATER...The buzzer on the dryer just sounded and I HAVE A STAFF MEETING, REMEMBER?!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Here is the painting my class completed...I put the mat on it to make it "pop"
Once again, I am not really happy with the end result...I know, I know, I'm way too critical of my work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No One Knows!

What in Heaven's name is wrong with me?! No one I actually know, knows I have this blog. Oh, I did tell one incredibly intelligent Vietnam Helicopter Pilot. Not my hubby, not my best friend, not anyone knows that this exits (I think). I did google myself and it does come up, but that doesn't mean anyone else has found it. Am I silly? Do others tell their friends, coworkers, etc.?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

World Best Friend Week!

My bestest and oldest friend sent this to me and I'm passing it on to all of you!

Think about this for a minute...
If I happened to show up on your door step crying,
Would you Care?
If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something Happened,
Would you come?
If I had one day left, to live my life;
Would you be part of That last day?
If I needed a shoulder to cry on,
Would you give me Yours?
This is a test to see who your real friends are or
If you are just some one to talk to you when they are bored . . .
Send this to Everybody on your list including the person who sent it to you.
I just Did.....because you are my friend.
Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes?
They blink together, they move together, they cry together,
They see things together and they sleep together,
BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER... that's what friendship is.
Your aspiration is your motivation, your motivation is your belief,
Your belief is your peace, your peace is your target,
Your target is heaven, and life is like hell without FRIENDS.
It's 'world best friends week'.
Who is your best friend?
Send this to all Your good friends.
Even me, if I am one of them.
See how many you get back.
If u get more than 3 then you really are a lovable person...

Save the Earth... it's the only planet with chocolate!!!!

Lord, Keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth...AMEN..!!

I believe people are put into our lives for a purpose. I also believe that we aren't always aware of what that purpose is. There have been many people who have entered my life lately...thank you for doing so...welcome to my world!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Such a Gorgeous Day!

These two characters are my Russian Torts. I kind of "rescued" them from a daughter of a friend. They live in a childs wading pool in my living room next to the wood stove...they did live in a ten gallon tank but that seemed way too confined in my opinion.

It's an odd sight when you walk into someone's living room and there's a pool next to the wood stove...a pool with these little guys in it. They have a hot rock to keep them warm at night. That's what they're on in the picture. They eat dark greens. They love dandelion greens...we have plenty of those in our yard! They are pretty basic creatures!

I call them Frick and Frack. My youngest daughter calls them Sigfreid and Roy. My middle granddaughter calls them Tater and Tot. It doesn't seem to confuse them at all. As I said, they are pretty basic creatures. Perfect for us "empty nesters".

They don't need a drink but once a month or so. They do eat on a fairly regular basis, but can survive without fresh food for a few days. I only clean the poop out every week or so. I scoop it out with an old slotted spoon. Compared to cleaning out a barn on a daily basis this is a piece of cake!

Today is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous day here in Oregon (it was 65.3 when I checked last)'s the first day this year I was able to open the door and let the fresh air in and the stale out. I must remember to mark the calendar!

I no sooner opened the door than the torts started stirring. The fresh air woke them up. They are busy now trying to find a way out of the pool. It's truly amazing that they react in this manner! If I were to take them out of the pool, they would scurry (yes, they do scurry!) towards the open door and outside.

Every August we have a huge party to celebrate life and friendship. They escaped two years ago and nearly got crushed by a very large friend on the front porch (they had a smaller container prior to the pool-one of those under the bed Rubbermaid things). They can push my screen or open. I've actually watched them do this over and over again. If I let them wander I always lock the screen door if it's nice outside.

Sometimes I take them out for a walk. They are like children then...they both run in opposite directions! Frick almost always heads towards the greenhouse and the wood shed and Frack goes over and burrows in the lawn clippings that we mulch the Deodora with, or for the front flower bed.

So far they haven't managed to escape from the wading pool. I think it's because the sides kind of slope. Also because they haven't grown enough to get over the sides.

I hear them scrapping the sides of the pool with their talons...I should go out and see if the ground is dry enough for them to be outside. The test is to go barefoot and not get damp. If their shells get wet they can rot.

Bet you didn't think you were going to learn about torts today, did you?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


(I actually wanted to post this yesterday but our dsl was slower than dial up ever was so I got it typed and ready to go.)

I managed to walk today, both with my hubby on his cardio-health conscious walk and then again down to the creek. I just got back. I love walking down to the creek, it's through old and second growth forest. The mahonia and salal look lovely this time of year (about the only time of year in my opinion).

I had to stop and turn around before I actually came out of the forest to the beach at the creek because it was too muddy and I was starting to slip as I climbed over fallen trees and tromped over the moss covered rocks in my way. I hadn't told anyone where I was headed and was last seen on the front porch laying on the couch in the sun like a fat cat. I figured no one would miss me until dark and if I fell I had no way to call for help. I'm not sure how far a walk it is...tomorrow, weather permitting, I will do it again and take the gps with me and track myself.

These are the times I miss having a dog. I almost want to go to the local feed store and see what puppies are available for free. I don't dare. One lick on my face, one whiff of puppy breath and I'd be a goner! We agreed that unless we decide together and schedule a vacation around getting another dog we won't do it.

When we first got together we had old dogs. His died first. Mine hung on until she was nineteen! The dog that refused to die. She had a stroke in the driveway the morning of my grandfathers funeral. I had a pinched nerve and couldn't sit still long enough to make the three hour drive. My brother got me a blanket and lawn chair and helped me put the dog on the blanket and me in the chair where I sat until my sick daughter decided to wake up. She then helped me get the dog in the house and call the vet. We waited all day for the vet to arrive and sat and loved on this semi conscious dog. When the vet finally did call it was to say she wouldn't be able to make it there had been one emergency after the other all day long. Well, I couldn't drive at the time due to the pinched nerve (my arms were literally numb!) My daughter was unable to drive a stick shift, the only vehicle available at the time. So we sat and loved on this dog hour after hour after hour.

Three days later she finally gave up and died. By the time the vet called to say she was finally free to come up and put down the dog, the dog had died an hour earlier.

I miss having a dog. I miss the companionship. I miss having that loyal protection. There are times, like today, when I walked to the creek alone that I feel vulnerable and get scared.

I must remember that in order to have dogs that are loyal and protective I have to put in many hours of training and being with the animal. Neither of us are willing to make that sacrifice at this time. When the right dog and time come we will know it.

Until then I shall stay away from the inside of pet shops and feed stores!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day!

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in our house...that stopped for many in our "circle" three years ago when our dear friend James died after a traumatic accident at the creek. He was just twenty two years youngest daughter's best friend since JHS and roommate. We do go to the cemetary. This year, for the first time ever, it didn't rain! One year it snowed! Usually we lug lawn chairs, umbrellas, and rain gear. We bring beverages and snacks. We have our own little reunion and sit around James'tombstone and visit. We don't want to forget!

This year my daughter and her boyfriend (who was with James at the time of the accident) decided to go to Las Vegas and have fun. They think it's time to "get on with their lives", and besides James would've loved Las Vegas! So off they went and I promised to go the cemetary by myself...which I did...and there was no one there. I hung around for about 10-15 minutes and decided to come home.

The thing is that most of the circle has grown up a whole lot. They have responsibilities and families that they didn't have when James died. There were signs that many had, a note, balloons, a toy that I had left last year. They made me smile, and I know that they make James smile. I could almost identify who had been there already and who had not yet made it. I know his mother had not been there yet...I would have liked to have been able to visit with her a bit, but evidently it wasn't to be. I know I'll see her once a year at our August party. I know she'll know that I was there before her.

I used to love this day. Actually, any day I could decorate and use food coloring in mashed potatoes is a favorite!

This morning came with blue sky and sunshine! The air smelled sweet. The temperature was freezing, if not below, there was a coat of ice on the cars. I actually had to fight with the car door and pry it open and then get in and kick the others open so I could load all the recylables and trash can to deposit down on the main road. Anyway, I just felt good...happy...almost joyous. I made my coffee, threw some laundry in and came up here to check my email. And guess what I found?

I was awarded a Blog Award! My first! Thank you Michelle! Go to her blog read and laugh . Today she did a was awesome to put a face and a voice to a blog. Ha! I just called my new cyber friend a blog! Silly me!

Today was a beautiful day and I just knew good things were going to happen and they did!

Story Time had over 20 kids, the largest crowd in a long while. I had stopped and bought treats for them earlier and had just enough! We had frosting and sprinkles all over the community room, but it all cleaned up nicely! We had no meltdowns. Only one head bumping incident when we twirled around and danced. Everyone left with a smile!

My son just called and asked if I could babysit at his house tomorrow after work so he could take his wife out on a date because he has firefighter class tonight...anyone who knows me knows this is my idea of a Friday night. Whoooo-hoooo!I adore my grandchildren and like nothing better than spending time with them. My hubby will have to fend for himself tomorrow night...I think he'll be okay with it. I have my daughters car while she's gone, so I'll be driving a dependable vehicle (he lives in the next town, about 25 miles away and I don't drive mine out of town)

This day that I was dreading has turned out to be fabulous! I hope all of yours did as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Finished Painting

...signature and all!

I am very tired and need to get up very early and drive Miss D. and J. the Snake to the airport...they're going to Vegas baby...darned them anyway...more about that tomorrow. Good night cyber-buddies!

The Stinking Butterfly

So my new friend, Michelle, at My Semblence of Sanity, been promised this butterfly that I recently did in my water color painting class. I am not happy with it, but I promised to post it anyway. Here ya go Michelle!

Monday, February 11, 2008


My husband teasingly refers to the temperature in our bathroom as REFRESHING! There's nothing refreshing about dropping your pants, or worse yet, getting naked and into the shower when the ambient air temperature hovers around 45 degrees!

Needless to say, showering takes planning during these dark gloomy days and nights. Now, remember that I heat soley with wood, so there is no heater in my bathroom. We have a woodstove in our adjacent bedroom but we only build a fire in there if the house temperatures plummet due to snow or bad winds. To do so makes one want to dress in a bikini and go barefoot.

A shampoo takes more planning (I do not use a hair dryer and my hair is very long). Today I decided that I could no longer be seen in public without a shampoo, even with a hat. I took this venture one step further and decided instead of braiding the hair on my legs I would shave. Not knowing when the little pink disposable was used last, I threw it out. I'm guessing it was before Christmas, or maybe August, I'm really not sure. Judging from the forest, it could have been longer.

I started the water and did some small "fill the time" tasks. (I so wasn't thinking about being wasteful!) After about five minutes I went in to read the indoor/outdoor read 52 degrees. Yipee! That was better than normal, so I quickly disrobed and hurried in. I lathered, rinsed, and repeated. I even used the scrubby puffy thing I always forget about until I turn the water off. I carefully shaved the forest that had grown on my legs...without injuring myself! I thought of a million things that needed to be done outside before Spring actually arrives. That was exhausting!

So here I sit, all squeaky clean, shaved, and shampooed! Ta Da! This is an accomplishment and it's only Monday!

Now to get dressed and to work.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged again...thanks to MoM2-2GoodBoys! Check out her blog.

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages.)
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Link back to the person who tagged you.
6. Tag five people.

So...The book is: Illustrated Rigging for Salmon-Steelhead-Trout by Robert H. Campbell.

"I'll often go through a hole throwing different color combinations and if I don't get a hit I'll go back through with the black blade. Black also seems to work in a variety of water conditions including glacial or colored water.
Dave continues, "Much of the time silvers will be found in the slack and slower margins of a hole."

I have not been able to get into this book with the enthusiasm that I had when I first found it at the library. The illustrations are great...simple...easy to follow and understand. I think I may scan a few pages and work on my rigs later, which is why it was the closest book at hand.

I've managed to have some kind of stomach flu attack me in the past few days, so I'm really lacking in the enthusiasm department (she says through a mouth full of saltines, while taking small sips of tea).

Now, I have to tag five people:






I've stumbled upon the above blogs in the last few weeks and have really enjoyed them...check them out!

I'm going to make more tea and find someone to work my shift tomorrow.

My hubby just called and said he'll bring me some Gatorade after he stops at the Brew Pub and gets himself some dinner! I'm not even going to comment on that one, I don't have the energy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blah, blah, blah!

My granddaughter called me last night. I've been waiting for this call. This is the granddaughter mentioned in a previous post. The one who is grounded for an eternity (I think she mentioned 18 more days). She's going to miss the "Sadies" dance, which is something she's been looking forward to for months.

I listened to her go on and on about how miserable she her mom is she KNOWS what she did was she has learned her lesson.

I let her get it all out and then I said "my turn"...

1. Your mother loves you and she is not being mean.

2. This dance is really a very insignificant event in your life no matter how hard that is for you to believe at this time.

3. Just because you're saying all the right things doesn't mean you learned anything. It just means you're smart, and you're trying desperately to manipulate the situation to benefit you. (I repeated #2)

4. Your life is not over! (Again, I repeated #2)

I then asked her why she was feeling so miserable...she said because she's grounded...cut off from her world, her friends, (and here it is)...her Mom!

This is what I had been waiting for!

She went on to tell me how she considers her Mom her best friend, and she misses her. Once again, I reminded her that her mother loves her and was disappointed and hurt by her actions and she was grounded out of love.

Long story short I basically told her she had to "buck up" and deal with her punishment, earn her mother's trust back, and remember #1-4. I don't know if she got it or not...I can only hope!

I sure do miss my girls!

I Was Gifted!

When I arrived at work on Thursday I found a book on my desk. I work in a library, so that in itself wasn't so unusual. I also share my work space, but the person I share my space with does periodicals not books. Something about that book had my curiousity, so I went back to my desk and took a look. There was a note sticking out with my name! It was a gift from a friend/patron! This person was instrumental in my painting again! She had been out with a friend at a book sale and thought of me when she saw the book. The friend she was with had a great discount so she grabbed it for me without too much damage to her wallet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Miss M. happened to be in the library as I was hurrying through and I was able to thank her and get a hug...she whispered in my ear "we women have to stick together and support one another".
She's absolutely right. Often times we put ourselves on the back burner to take care of the daily tasks at hand. It's a mommy thing. We do it all the time. We don't even think about it. I'm learning rather late in life that it's okay to be a little selfish and follow your own desires.
I'm so fortunate to have friends like Miss M.!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I think this was unrealistic of me...

Two years ago I wrote the following as my "about the seller" for an eBay store I have.

Kendra's Korner Kollectibles

Kendra's Korner Kollectibles is a result of generations of pack rats. All of which landed in my "craft/sewing/computer/guest" bedroom. Out of necessity I began going through boxes that had been stored by my grandparents and great grandparents for close to a century. As I made the piles of keepers and tossers I suddenly looked at my computer and had one of those "lightbulb" moments! I had three gem books in my hand and was headed for the garbage can...I quickly did a "Google" search...Bingo! The first three hits were eBay items! Being a gardener entering the "off" season I put my time and energy into emptying boxes, researching items, and selling them on eBay. It's been a great educational experience and has helped me piece together "gaps" in the family geneology. I've realistically given myseelf three years to get through it all, hopefully I'll make a lot of collectors happy along the way and once again have room for guests!

I just today realized that I'm two years into the store and not nearly through these piles of paper that I seem unable to part with.

I was lucky...blessed...whatever you want to call it; I had a grandfather for close to for fifty years! He was born in a sod house on the plains of Nebraska. An amazing man. I miss him.

Anyway, today I realized that I really haven't made much progress in getting this room in order. I alternate between piles of paper and photos to boxes of same piles of paper and photos. I have progressed to emailing a historical society in Nebraska that might be interested in some of these documents. Basically, not much progress.

My grandfather was the self-appointed family geneologist. I'm talking dozens of boxes of paper here! Birth announcements through obituaries and everything in between. I've always had an interest in the penny postcards so that is where my initial investment in time for research has gone. And that is how the eBay store evolved.

Today I am facing the still monumental task of sorting through all this. It is the computer/craft/sewing/guest room after all, and is constantly in transition for whatever use.

I'm not sure if I should allot a certain amount of time in everyday or week to sit and go through it, or just set a match to it all. I know my grandfather saved all this because he felt it was important. There are scrawled dated notes on some things; something he started doing when he knew his mind was deteriorating, which by the way was sometime around 90-92. He died at the age of 99!

I am pretty much overwhelmed by it all at this time. It's easier to shift the piles and boxes.

Any advice?

Joke for the Day!

I received this joke in my mail this in the woods and being a gardener I found it very funny...I nearly choked on my coffee.

A joke without a dirty word?!?!?!?!?!?!

It is hard to find a joke today without a dirty word or two in it,
but, here is one:

Two tall trees, a birch and a beech, are growing in the woods. A
small tree begins to grow between them, and the beech says to the
birch, "Is that a son of a beech or a son of a birch?"
The birch says he cannot tell.
Just then a woodpecker lands on the sapling.
The birch says, "Woodpecker, you are a tree expert. Can you tell if
that is a son of a beech or a son of a birch?"
The woodpecker takes a taste of the small tree. He replies, "It is
neither a son of a beech nor a son of a birch. It is, however, the best
piece of ash I have ever put my pecker in."
Now wipe that smile off your face. And pass it on