Monday, April 7, 2008

Bring on the Powers that Be!

This week, at 2:10 pm Oregon time I will be receiving the next five radiation treatments. To relax I sing I'm a little tea pot, it really is that short...I think I should rally the powers out there that have gotten me through this so far and am requesting that you stop whatever you are doing and say die cancer, die....I think if you say it four or five times is all it will take...because this site is inoperable, radiation is the key...more later...put on your warrior wings! Thank you!


Wendy said...

You got it! Die cancer die!!! Will chant that as much as you need.
You go girl. Beat that tumour!!
Lots of Love,

Dawn said...

Great, now I'm going to have "I'm a Little Teapot" in my head for the rest of the night! Gee, thanks Kendra. ;)
I'll keep praying and checking for updates.

M said...

Got a prayer reminder with your name on set on my phone alarm this week. DIE Cancer DIE!!! God Bless, stay strong.

Keller, TX

Patty said...

Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way

Wendy said...

Yup - my warrior wings are on. Die cancer die!!
Don't know what happened to my earlier comments. Hope this one gets posted.

Michelle said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I ran across another blog a while back. Her name is Heather and she had/has?? a brain tumor. She had been told it was inoperable, but then went to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN and they said they could remove it...that day. I will try to find it again and give you the link. Maybe you need another opinion...or five or six more. Just know that you will still be in my prayers, every day at 4:10 my time.

Michelle said...

I found it!

(And if you ever do visit Mayo...or MN for that matter, let me know.)


Karla with a K said...

Is it 2:15 each day this week - or all on one day? Sorry to bug you with a silly detail question.

When I think of you during the day, I ask God to bless you and your family.
I will continue to do so. Will also pray your "die cancer" prayer - I like it - short and to the point.
God bless you and your family and continue to fill you with His peace.


Bear Bites said...

Praying so very hard for you!!!