Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mel's Arrived Home Safely

Mel, Melissa Marie, First Born Child of My Loins, has arrived safely in Las Vegas...her phone message described her walking to her fathers car...I heard the tears, I felt her pain...she left four teen agers, three her daughters, one her brother and was at my side my morning...she did me well, she hurts so bad...I know her Dad and her boyfriend, her brother, and her daughters will hug and sob pile in the big bed! The lovely Miss Lila Brown will arrive shortly and take over for the next two weeks while Mel buys prom dresses and prepares for my oldest granddaughters high school graduation...she'll be back in a few weeks, probably on my birthday...I know she's got her phone alarm set...she's turned out to be a most amazing woman! Thanks Mel, I love you, get your business done, some rest, and remember die cancer die!

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