Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is the man who saved my life!

This is the man who saved my life...who cancelled his Spring Break vacation plans with his family and successfully removed the aggressively growing monster inside my head, did not scramble my brain, and allowed me to live to tell about it! He is my hero and I would like to thank him for this, and let his family know how grateful I am for their sacrifices...I have my own way I will thank his two little guys later...He is looking at a hand made card with the hair post...the meeting with him was incredibly encouraging and he was encouraged by the radiation reports...I have today and tomorrow, 2:10-2:15, Die cancer die! (four times)...no additional necessary...he said it's looking good...I can bend, walk, dig around in drawers, all as tolerated...yeah! Oh mighty warriors, thank you for heralding! Thursday is my first Medical/Oncology meeting which will tell us many thing...it's a scary thing for me...must remember to turn on my digital recorder....have lot's of family support coming along...then palliative rest and readying for my birthday trip to friends in Tuscon, AZ, that has been in the planning for a year...the lady in the pics/mirror is really a stranger to me, but I'm not on the mantle in a box! I have resolved a few issues, or they have been resolved for me that I had been struggling with since 1998, and am going to write a book about this experience and do a pop-up, there are never enough pop-ups, on Unconditional Love...my massage therapist just arrived...my day is about to begin...I love and appreciate you all!


Patty said...

You sound good! I am still praying for you! Die cancer die!

Shellie said...

I am so glad to hear how well this is going so far, keep it up! What a hero your doctor is!!!