Saturday, April 19, 2008

Radiation Thearpy Completed!!!

Hi everybody! Radiation Therapy has been completed! Thank you all for holding me up in prayer, chanting, mediatiation,'s done...I can't tell you they joy I felt as they unswcrewed my mask for the last time and I was able to carry that out in my arms and know I was done with Radiation Therapy!

I had reserved a table at out local bakery and bought four inch color spots (pansies), I had my Dear Uncle Bruce go to the local art store and have my blog address printed on card stock with thank you printed on another color of card stock (which they made a a bit of mistake on when printing and I failed to notice until we were done-but oh well) then we used/recycled all the tissue paper from my hospital stay and made cute little cozies with rubber bands on each pot...we then used the bbq sticks to hold the card stock, which fit in the pots just perfect and took left over ribbon and curled it and tied the thank-you, off...looked really cool! I arrived at my last radiation with a gift for every one that helped me...I think they were awestruck...I love pansies...the seeds spread naturally calories, they can get a glimpse of me, my paintings, etc.

We had various people visit us at the while working on our project and eating a lovely breakfast...thanks Linda and Sandy, waitresses, friends.

We then headed to the library where Rhonda gave my Uncle a comprehensive tour of our lovely new library ...I keep having link problems...go Google my library, it's Estacada Public Library, or send me comment that will help me get this done...take a tour of our beautiful establishment...I am so proud to be a part of it! Sarah, one of my favorie coworkers, that I have known since she was a little girl, helped me into the Children's closet where we filled a bag with stickers, ribbons, bows, etc. to Pimp Out my cane...we grabbed some drawing paper, a Giant Pop Up Book, a Giant Where's Waldo and packed it out to my Uncle Bruce's car...alll this will be for the children to keep busy and entertained that are scheduling short picnic visit with me next week to cover my 24 hour care! Yahoooooooooo! I so miss my little people!
Back track a bit here...sorry!
The crew at the Radiation Therapy was as excited for me and we all hugged at the end. Thank you my radiation crew!
My husband, Langdon, who works in the Main Operating Room at St. Vincent's Hospital, was able to schedule himself to be there for my last was an awesome experience!
We were talking so much on the way home that my Uncle and I missed the highway turn-off and took a very unexpected whirlwind tour of the Willamette Valley through and around was beautiful but we were a few hours doing it...we ended up calling and letting the household know...I had celebrated with a half of sandwich and an Americana with an extra shot, so I was buzzing...and it all worked out!

One of my collected children, Kim, was due for a visit at 6:30, so I voice mailed her at 6:15 from the local grocery store, so she had updated information for my husband who arrived to find her and Annie waiting and no us. We had a lovely dinner and I crawled into my couch bed and promptly fell asleep! A perfect day!

The mask is waiting for a piece of wood to be mounted on...hubby says he has a great piece of black walnut, and our neighbor Charlie (they once had a protable saw mill business together)...anyway, between them both they will find me a great piece of wood to mount my mask on.

Hubby says it will be the most expensive piece of art work we own!

Just wanted to update all of you! I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of love I have been receiving! Thank you all so very much!



Manic Mom said...

WOW! Looking at the beauty of radiation therapy! That is beautiful indeed!!!!

And how generous of you to come to my blog and wish me a 'feel better' when I simply have a cold and you're dealing with all that you're dealing with!

God bless!

Patty said...

YAY I am glad that it is done, and it sounds like you are in good spirits.

Michelle said...

Wow, Kendra. Manic was right -- you are amazing! That's such a beautiful gesture to all those in the radiation side of things, especially when you're still going through it all to be thinking of others. Best of luck to you, and I hope your granddaughter's graduation is lovely!

Michelle said...

I am so happy you are done. Post some pictures of your paintings here for us to see, okay?


Kimmie said...

Hi Kendra;

I popped in from Our Fairy Tale Life...

can I pray for you now?

I thank you for Kendra and that your hand is upon her. Lord, I ask that you continue the good work that was begun in her and that her healing process would be quick and complete in her.
Lord, I thank you for her life and for her mind, I ask for you to touch it and to remove any fear that may try to come against her. Bless her indeed God and let her come to a new understanding of who You are and who you made her to be. Let her know how much you love her and just how crazy about her You are! I ask this in Jesus' name, amen.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Shellie said...

I'm so glad you're done. Sounds like all is well and I hope it stays taht way!

Wendy said...

Thank goodness it's over!! I plan to plant pansies for you in my garden next month. I also love them - they seem to be such happy flowers.
Big Hugs to you for getting through this harrowing experience!

Amy (Gaskell) Crombie said...

Hi Kendra, Melissa, Jay, & Dianna . . former "George" neighbors back in the day . . . my dad just told me about your blog yesterday. I wanted you to know my husband, 4 kids and I have been praying for you all. Love & Best wishes Always!!! My email is:

Amy (Gaskell) Crombie said...

Hello Kendra, Melissa, Jay, & Dianna . . . my dad just told me about your blog. I am still in the dark a bit but it is apparent you have been fighting cancer Kendra! I initially was very saddened by the news. Yet your blog reminded me of what an incredibly strong & loving person you are. . . this was comforting, and of course knowing without a doubt how your kids would be such a strong force rallying around you. You all are in our prayers. If there is anything I can do - PLEASE - let me know. I genuinely would love to be a helping hand. I promise daily prayers for your family. Lots of love & hugs to you all, Amy