Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Mexico Bound

Hello again! We've been busy getting the RV running and cleaned...ahhh the dust! Desert's produce ton's of dust! Needless to say we're all stuffed up with swollen eyes but are nearly ready to leave. Susan, my oldest and bestest friend arrived from NY on Tuesday evening and will be our driver (she drives school bus in Brooklyn-what better person to be our chauffeur). We've had quite a time getting ready...Murphy's Law...but our determination has over come the obstacles that have come up. I'm still in my "jammies" (my husband's scrubs) they are comfortable and cool, and I can always play the brain tumor card. Mel used it at the RV repair place yesterday and it worked! Georgia O'Keefe Museum here we come! It's always been on my "bucket list"...I'm very excited! Susan has her digital and she takes tons of pictures, so I'll have lots to show when we return. We had planned to leave 6-7 am, but good ol' Murphy raised his head and we were slowed down a bit...oh well. Just wanted to let you know what was going on here in Fabulous Las Vegas. We aren't taking the lap top, so will be keeping a travel journal of our trip and transcribing when I get back to share with you all! Until then....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I promised to try and get some pictures of my adventures in Fabulous Las Vegas on here, so here's a start. This is Mel and I (I'm the bald one with the beaded headpiece) at the Elton John concert we were fortunate enough to go to (FREE!) A friend of hers ended up with two tickets that morning and we snatched up the opportunity. I'd been staring and praying for the opportunity as I looked out the window every night at the bill board with Elton John and his red piano. I'll tell you another thing, while this wheelchair can sometimes be a pain in the &*#@, it does get you preferential treatment in the casinos and concert halls! I was escorted through the crowds, and basically treated like royalty by the ushers! I'll try to get Malinda's graduation pics up next. I still have to make a trip to the computer store and get my computer hooked up to the Internet...I'm forced to use the kids until then. Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!