Thursday, January 31, 2008


It took me most of yesterday to write the following...power blips, restarting clocks and computers, a very scary trip into town were all contributing factors and delays.

I have learned from experience (over twenty years of living in this area) when I can and shouldn't drive. I most certainly could have made it down the hill yesterday (from the main road)...I would not have made it back up! Actually, I'm not sure my car would have made it to the main road. I felt awful for not making my painting class. That is until G. called to let me know that the class was let out very early with the promise to have a "make-up" class later due to the weather. This is my sacrifice to live where I live.

I live where others dream to be or pay to spend vacations. Mt. Hood National Forest is just off the back end of my property and Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery is just across the creek and up a bend or two. It's probably lovely down there right now, but I will have to miss it. I'm smart enough and wise enough to know it's too dangerous to venture down the trail to the creek for a peak.

We managed to make our way into town today in the truck. The hubby was driving! I realize I have his experience in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot to rely on as the snow falls off the sixty plus foot Doug Firs that line the road and lands on the windshield...the man didn't flinch! I thought I would scream aloud and he didn't flinch! I sometimes have to remind myself to breath in those situations. It's silly, I's hard to relinquish control and remain calm. I have to remind myself that I really don't have any control over what is going to occur anyway. I just don't want to be maimed. I don't mind going if it's my time. I'm ready to meet my glory. I think I can handle that.

We lost another dear friend last night. My youngest called in tears that he was taken to the hospital and wasn't expected to make it. My poor daughter. She's been away from home for two plus nights due to the snow. Her car would not make it safely up these hills so she stayed in town with friends . At least she put a jacket and sleeping bags in the car (FINALLY) . She got a lovely fully loaded roadside emergency kit from my hubby and I for Christmas this year (it was more for me/less worry). Anyway, she's hurting and could use a "mama" hug and my arms don't reach that I guess it's fair to say that we're both hurting. Your children grow up and move out or away but their pain is still yours for the rest of your life.

Hubby and I managed to get three wheelbarrows of firewood up on the was an effort, but the weather can do what it will and we'll be warm and have an alternate source to cook on if the power fails again. I don't mind power failures because we heat exclusively with wood and are always warm. The one thing that loses it's charm fast is the inability to flush - eventually the water runs out (we have a well and usually have back up water for cooking).

I start preparing for power failures right after Labor Day. I stock up on lamp oil, candles, batteries, canned or dried sources of protein. We usually experience them at least a dozen times a year. Some longer than others. It's harder in milder weather because we usually lose what we have in our freezer. It's sad when you raise your own food and lose it long after it's been processed and saved for later in the year. I find it one of the saddest things. I have actually wept while disposing of a full freezer of meats and veggies I have raised and lost!

It's still above freezing and almost dark...promising...relieving...I have Story Time tomorrow. I ran into several of my little people on our trip through town! One invited me to join him for lunch! Sadly enough, I had to decline as we were on a "mission" and needed to continue on our way. I so enjoy the leisurely visits with the little ones! This is one of the joys of being a grandmother and the "Story Lady". My Life is good today! That one thought always brings me joy!

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