Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm a Big Fat Chicken!

Okay...I'm a big fat chicken! I don't like trying to drive on ice in the snow! Go ahead, laugh, send me your tips, shake your heads, nod; just don't make me drive in this mess. We have had over a foot of snow. The plows made it up this far (we're not on a main arterial and the school district was closed) early yesterday making their first swipe, leaving about five inches of packed snow which promptly turned to ice. My husband stayed home from work and drove me into work...make sense of that one! The ride home last night was rather scary! Last night brought more artic temperatures followed by a brief thaw very early this morning. As day light hit and I prepared to go to work it started raining and the east winds began to howl. By the time I got out to my car and got it scraped off and semi-warmed an inch of new snow had fallen. I made it partially down the drive and dirt road with little to no control. I got scared and turned around, hauled everything back inside and telephoned a coworker to inform her because I was unable to reach the "boss". It then snowed to near white out conditions dumping about an inch of snow in an hour!

It appears we are having another "thaw". I know this because I'm listening to the snow slide off the metal roof and land with a thud on the carport and around the house itself, including our Daphne which is under about three feet or more of roof-snow that has landed on top of it. I have no idea what the main road is like to the highway. I have a painting class tonight. I'll just have to hang out and make the most of being alone until later (BIG SMILE!)...then I'll check out road conditions and decide if I want to travel down the 6%+ down grade of winding roads to the highway that leads to town (about 4-6 miles).

What annoys me, while scaring me nearly senseless, is when people jump in their trucks and decide to play on the roads. The roads you are trying to maneuver through in ice and snow. The roads that are slick as snot and nearly knee deep in snow. Sixty foot Doug Firs dropping their loaded branches of snow on your windshield as you're trying to remain in your own lane, which is not visible because of said snow and ice. Scary business!
Did I fall off the face of the earth at some point? Is it okay to go spin doughnuts and take out electric poles when others are merely trying to get from point A to B safely? Isn't the rule to slow down, avoid using your brakes, and allow more room to other drivers? When did it become okay to play these dangerous games with individuals, such as myself, who might not want to participate?
Well, so much for the thaw...it's snowing again...sideways this time! At least it's pretty to look at!


Wendy said...

I'm a big fat chicken too! I live in the country just outside Montreal, Que. Canada and our winters are just the way you describe it in your post!
I absolutely hate driving in the ice and snow and will stay home if I can.
Love your Blog.
Grandma Wendy

Michelle said...

I wish you were all the other drivers on the road around here when we get fresh snow! I don't know how many times I have had close calls with those who play those snow/car games.

I laughed when your husband stayed home from work and drove you in. Someone needs to bring home the bacon!