Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Water Color Magic

First let me say that this is the second time I've written this posting...so much for Blogger automatically saving your drafts! The first is gone...floating in cyberspace somewhere. So, here we go again.

I'm starting a series of water color painting classes tonight...I'll be going with a friend. I used to be very good at it. A long, long time ago husband #2 arrived home to find me with my art supplies and portfolio spread across the dining room table and me working on a project. It didn't go over well, and to spare you the gory details and myself the pain of going through it again I will tell you that the portfolio, my supplies, and my project ended up in the burn barrel after several hours of ranting and raving. I wasn't the one who did it, I just watched...watched them burn and turn to ash. I didn't paint for a very long time after that...nearly 15 years.

Just over a year ago, my oldest daughter, M.M., First Born Child of My Loins (that is her official title) was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I still find that hard to type and bile rises in my throat each time I do. After over a year and two surgeries later, she is cancer free. Before her surgeries we went to the craft store and bought ourselves paint, brushes, and lots of paper. During her recuperation we painted because how much Food Channel can one watch?! We painted for hours. Her brother and her daughters joined in the fun. We had a grand time!

Just before the Holidays a library patron came to the check out desk with an arm full of water color books. I told him that I really enjoyed two of his choices and actually had just returned them that morning. He then informed me that he was a retired art teacher and was going to have classes starting soon and asked if I might be interested. I said I might be interested and definitely had a friend that would be.

So, tonight I'm starting over again. I don't know if I will be able to do it but I feel I owe it to myself to try. The proverbial horse I fell off of years ago is waiting for me.

I'm very scared! I've thought of all kinds of reasons I shouldn't/couldn't go...but I made a promise to my friend to be her transportation and partner for the classes so I have to go...kind of trapped myself in a good way this time.

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My Semblance of Sanity said...

As an artist and forner art teacher, I am horrified at the beginning of your post. HORRIFIED!

But the last part of your post almost made me forget the anger I had toward your #2...I am so excited for you to be jumping back on your horse! Armed with your paintbrush!

PLEASE post your work and let me know when you do!!