Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Holiday Crud

It's official...the holidays are over and I have the Holiday Crud!

I knew it was inevitable yesterday when I was stuck in a truck with my sneezing husband. About two in the morning with head throbbing the coughing started. I either passed out from exhaustion or lack of oxygen somewhere around four. At eight thirty I realized it was garbage day and I needed to get the trash down to the road or live with it another week...I ran!

By the time I got back from the road I was exhausted...I passed the offender in the hall (he had called in sick just before I had the coughing attack)...he asked how I was...FINE! I'm Fine! His response was that I was not fine judging from the coughing attacks I had all night...I am too fine!! I'm just running late and oh dear...I think I'm sick, you made me sick...look what you're done to me! I have Story Time today and you sneezed your germs all over me...and nobody wants a germy story lady! It's all your fault!

Here I am yelling at a sick man who's been up all night with the crud and is obviously miserable, as miserable as I am or worse...I'm definitely sick. I'm rarely grumpy or mean...I'm sick! So, I called in to work, then called a coworker who went in an hour early to do Story Time for me. She has a two year old and actually was quite thankful I wanted to stay home and not share my germs with the wee ones of the community.

So it's official, I have the Holiday Crud...and I'm not very happy about it!

I've been drinking AirBorne and popping vitamin C for weeks to ward off this nasty Holiday Crud that rears it's ugly head year after year. I have washed my hands till they're raw. I've wiped down the house with bleach solution. I've done every thing possible and it caught me and isn't going to let go anytime soon! Those ugly little mucus monsters are inside me having a party and there isn't anything I can do about it.

I think I'll go back to bed now...Happy New Year!

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