Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pray for the Avery's

...think warm thoughts, whatever it is that you do.

This lovely family that I have never met has lost a member...their lives are shattered at this time. This is a copy of a posting from his mother taken from his Care Page and displayed on Michelle's blog http://michellekemperbrownlowwrites4kids.blogspot.com/.

Dear friends,
Our Mimi needs us now MORE than she ever has. She is hurting so badly and she needs our prayers!
She writes:"Empty shell are the words that came to my mind today as I laid my eyes on Julian's so very still body. It made it so real, so final... I felt like I was at the wax museum, it looked like Ju but it was just a cold, hard ,wax copy of Julian . It wasn't him , how could it ? Surely I left him at home playing with the boys... Seeing him laying in his caskett was unbelievably painful, my heart cracked a little more, a little deeper. I won't EVER get to hold my child again, EVER... Nothing is more final than that."
Julian's viewing is Wednesday night from 6-8pm at their church and his funeral is Thursday at 11am where yellow balloons will be released. (yellow was Juju's favorite color)
You can read his obituary and sign his guest book here.
You can join the near-thousand people and light a candle for him here.
I am hoping that everyone reading this will post a picture of Mimi and/or Julian on their blog and ask your readers to pray for the strength she will need not just in the coming days but in her lifetime without her baby Ju. PLEASE.

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