Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Born Child of My Loins

She's thirty six, one of my best friends, a wonderful mother, an incredible poker player, and has the most beautiful face and one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Yes, this is M.M.(FBCOML).

She has her hands full today. Her oldest daughter, my first born grandchild, is in the "pooper" today. We had a pow wow on what happened, what needed to be done about it, the lesson that needed to be learned, and how not to strangle her, tie her up, put her in the closet, and lock the door for the next oh five or six years. Seems my granddaughter not only lied about where she was going last night and who she would be with but got in a car accident and had to call her mother's boyfriend, who is an attorney, to come and get her because she wasn't "ready" to deal with her mother's or grandfather's wrath over the situation.

She's okay, no one was injured in the accident. But that is not the point!

Evidently she was given a time line by Mom's boyfriend. She had up to a certain time to call and inform her mother what had happened. She did this. It just happened to be during the final break in a poker tournament. According to my daughter, "I busted out and announced that I was now going home to kill my oldest daughter".

It seems Little Miss M. (the grandchild) was supposed to be at a Young Life meeting. Not only was she not at Young Life, but had not been there at all (Lie#1). She was in a "forbidden" area of town, (#2). She was with young people that her mother "had warned her about" (#3).

Little Miss M. has a serious case of senioritis. The only problem is Little Miss M. lives in Sin City. She also, just recently, turned 17. She's been "skipped" ahead in school leaving her nearly two years younger than most of the other kids in her class. She's also beautiful and brilliant. (Reason enough to lock her in a closet for the next several years!)

After much discussion my daughter hung up the phone to give our conversation some thought and to check that Little Miss M. was indeed in school today (it's Senior Skip Day). Dear Lord, I hope the child is there!

My daughter was so angry last night that she told Little Miss M. she would deal with the situation after school today. That is how she found out it was Senior Skip Day. Little Miss M. promptly burst into tears and in between sobs blurted out "But it's Senior Skip Day!".

So here I sit waiting to see what happens. This is what kills me about her being so far away!

I thought the first thing she should do was check that she was indeed in school. Do you realize how hard this has become? Due to "security" and "privacy" issues you can hardly check on your son/daughter without going to the school in person and showing ID?! I understand that our children are being "protected" but this is rather silly. If this is how we have to be, because it's what we've become, then we should be issued some code or something.

The second piece of sage advice I had to offer was have her Young Life leader greet her as she walks into the house today after school and have her apologize for having used them in her lie.

Beyond that I say lock her up and throw away the key!

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