Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's later and this grandma is tired!

Well it's just before six and I'm finally home and trying to catch up with myself. I should have been happy that I didn't step in doggie doo this morning...should have gotten down on my knees and thanked the Almighty for such a good start to a day from down under (and I don't mean Australia!)

I won't go into it in detail other than to say my work day was extended due to being short staffed due to illness...remember the sleeping twenty somethings from this mornings post? There was a wedding this weekend and they spread the love...I mean their germs...we live in a small town! My coworker sat at their table at the wedding reception. She is now ill. I blamed them. They laughed and then they did the dishes I left all over the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom!

I finally made it home, avoiding dog pooh as I retrieved the mail and trash receptacles down on the road. I'm tired! I'd like to retreat into a hot tub and have a drink...we have two hot tubs leaks and the other isn't hooked that isn't an option this evening. Instead I hauled firewood and finished the laundry I started this morning (three loads/it's only the two of us!)

I did have good moments today...friends stopped by to see me on their way back over the mountain...good friends, a couple, the very first people I met when I came to live in this little town. We were neighbors and shared our garden spot and pig pen. It was so good to see them even if it was for a very short while. I miss them in my everyday life.

It's getting dark here. Time for me to tend the fire and get the laundry put away. (Really, I smell pop corn and I am a popcorn pig-must hurry before they eat it all!)

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Michelle said...

Oh I'm glad you didn't step in the doo. Two hot tubs? Wow. I hope you at least got your drink.