Friday, February 1, 2008

I think this was unrealistic of me...

Two years ago I wrote the following as my "about the seller" for an eBay store I have.

Kendra's Korner Kollectibles

Kendra's Korner Kollectibles is a result of generations of pack rats. All of which landed in my "craft/sewing/computer/guest" bedroom. Out of necessity I began going through boxes that had been stored by my grandparents and great grandparents for close to a century. As I made the piles of keepers and tossers I suddenly looked at my computer and had one of those "lightbulb" moments! I had three gem books in my hand and was headed for the garbage can...I quickly did a "Google" search...Bingo! The first three hits were eBay items! Being a gardener entering the "off" season I put my time and energy into emptying boxes, researching items, and selling them on eBay. It's been a great educational experience and has helped me piece together "gaps" in the family geneology. I've realistically given myseelf three years to get through it all, hopefully I'll make a lot of collectors happy along the way and once again have room for guests!

I just today realized that I'm two years into the store and not nearly through these piles of paper that I seem unable to part with.

I was lucky...blessed...whatever you want to call it; I had a grandfather for close to for fifty years! He was born in a sod house on the plains of Nebraska. An amazing man. I miss him.

Anyway, today I realized that I really haven't made much progress in getting this room in order. I alternate between piles of paper and photos to boxes of same piles of paper and photos. I have progressed to emailing a historical society in Nebraska that might be interested in some of these documents. Basically, not much progress.

My grandfather was the self-appointed family geneologist. I'm talking dozens of boxes of paper here! Birth announcements through obituaries and everything in between. I've always had an interest in the penny postcards so that is where my initial investment in time for research has gone. And that is how the eBay store evolved.

Today I am facing the still monumental task of sorting through all this. It is the computer/craft/sewing/guest room after all, and is constantly in transition for whatever use.

I'm not sure if I should allot a certain amount of time in everyday or week to sit and go through it, or just set a match to it all. I know my grandfather saved all this because he felt it was important. There are scrawled dated notes on some things; something he started doing when he knew his mind was deteriorating, which by the way was sometime around 90-92. He died at the age of 99!

I am pretty much overwhelmed by it all at this time. It's easier to shift the piles and boxes.

Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Hope you don't mind me blog hopping over here?

Haven't got much advice as I'm one of those who gets easily sidetracked when clearing out and finds herself sitting amongst piles of stuff reminiscing.

It sounds like you have some wonderful memories there though.

All my grandparents things were cleared by someone else and I lost lots of things I would have liked to have kept.