Sunday, February 17, 2008


(I actually wanted to post this yesterday but our dsl was slower than dial up ever was so I got it typed and ready to go.)

I managed to walk today, both with my hubby on his cardio-health conscious walk and then again down to the creek. I just got back. I love walking down to the creek, it's through old and second growth forest. The mahonia and salal look lovely this time of year (about the only time of year in my opinion).

I had to stop and turn around before I actually came out of the forest to the beach at the creek because it was too muddy and I was starting to slip as I climbed over fallen trees and tromped over the moss covered rocks in my way. I hadn't told anyone where I was headed and was last seen on the front porch laying on the couch in the sun like a fat cat. I figured no one would miss me until dark and if I fell I had no way to call for help. I'm not sure how far a walk it is...tomorrow, weather permitting, I will do it again and take the gps with me and track myself.

These are the times I miss having a dog. I almost want to go to the local feed store and see what puppies are available for free. I don't dare. One lick on my face, one whiff of puppy breath and I'd be a goner! We agreed that unless we decide together and schedule a vacation around getting another dog we won't do it.

When we first got together we had old dogs. His died first. Mine hung on until she was nineteen! The dog that refused to die. She had a stroke in the driveway the morning of my grandfathers funeral. I had a pinched nerve and couldn't sit still long enough to make the three hour drive. My brother got me a blanket and lawn chair and helped me put the dog on the blanket and me in the chair where I sat until my sick daughter decided to wake up. She then helped me get the dog in the house and call the vet. We waited all day for the vet to arrive and sat and loved on this semi conscious dog. When the vet finally did call it was to say she wouldn't be able to make it there had been one emergency after the other all day long. Well, I couldn't drive at the time due to the pinched nerve (my arms were literally numb!) My daughter was unable to drive a stick shift, the only vehicle available at the time. So we sat and loved on this dog hour after hour after hour.

Three days later she finally gave up and died. By the time the vet called to say she was finally free to come up and put down the dog, the dog had died an hour earlier.

I miss having a dog. I miss the companionship. I miss having that loyal protection. There are times, like today, when I walked to the creek alone that I feel vulnerable and get scared.

I must remember that in order to have dogs that are loyal and protective I have to put in many hours of training and being with the animal. Neither of us are willing to make that sacrifice at this time. When the right dog and time come we will know it.

Until then I shall stay away from the inside of pet shops and feed stores!

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Wendy said...

Oh, that resonates with me. Pet stores - I have to keep away, or I'd adopt every furry pet in a cage!!
I miss having a dog too. Hubby doesn't want animals and with his plastic oxygen hose trailing all over the hose, a dog or cat wouldn't be practical (a puppy would probably chew the hose and get high on all that oxygen coming into his little nose, while hubby would not be able to breath!).

As you say, the right dog will come along - just when you need him/her.