Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday morning, Garbage Day, and Dog Pooh!

I so hate Thursday mornings! And I so love Thursday mornings! Like most days, my mornings start with the fused light from the bathroom (fused my ASK!), then comes the man who sits on my side of the bed, sighs deeply and continues on with his morning chantra of "I'm leaving now, good luck with your day...and remember you said to tell you that you had a Staff meeting today"...Staff Meeting! You remembered! I have a Staff Meeting?! Oh dear! It's also garbage day! And Story Time at the library...after the Staff Meeting! OMG! Feet hit the floor running! Mind you it's 5 AM! Laundry! I need clean pants! We have a new dress code to go with the new library (actually the dress code and the library are nearly two years old! Time does fly!)

In between the laundry and the trash gathering, I made some coffee...gotta have something that mocks true energy...may as well be coffee! (Morman I'm not! No offense to those who are.) GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm starting to feel a little grumpy! None of that! Put on your smile and continue...I tend to talk to myself...out loud! In this case, at a whisper, the "twenty somethings" are sleeping upstairs...I keep them around to add humor to my life and haul the wheel barrow of firewood up on the porch! Add humor to my life? HA! They have completely opposite schedules and I hardly ever see them. I still leave notes and look for signs of their being here when I am sleeping. (Why is it we can't sleep until we hear the click of the door and know they've made it home safely?) I seriously thought that would end when they grew up! It's not happening! It hasn't happened!

Talk about rambling! I lost my train of thought! Ah yes! Thursday mornings...trash, laundry, I need pants! Coffee in hand I start to collect the trash. Stupid, I know. With coffee slopping out of my cup and trailing up the stairs I enter the upstairs bath to find the counter filled with empty glasses...dirty empty glasses...oh, I wish MY camera was working! (Picture in your mind a weeks worth of dirty glasses on the counter). I'd go get the dear husbands out if I had the time.

It has started to get light outside by then which is what I had hoped for (you can't see the dog pooh in the light). I don't have a dog...I think about it from time to time...see my previous post on that topic...I'm busy rambling here!

Dog Pooh! Change your shoes you idiot, you know it's down there and you're going to step in it! Be prepared! Accept the fact. Put on a smile and greet your life...stepping in doggy doo on a Thursday morning is part of it, deal with it!

MORE LATER...The buzzer on the dryer just sounded and I HAVE A STAFF MEETING, REMEMBER?!


coffespaz said...

OMG...that was hilarious!!

Wendy said...

Ha! I see you thought that when the kids grow up you stop worrying about them too! Guess we were wrong!