Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a...kitten!

Slightly aroused from my sleep (at about 5 am) I heard what I thought were my tortoises mewing. They do this when they have mock sex (both are males). Then I heard Jake make his way to the shower and the water come on. My arm didn't really ache so I drifted back to sleep.

About an hour later I heard Jake turn off the shower and the same mewing could be heard but it was closer and was not my torts...I fought with my robe and did the potty thing and then followed the noise. It sounded like the carport area. Being it was still dark out I started flipping on lights. I couldn't see anything, so of course, so I open the door and a kitten runs in! He's mewing, I'm saying, "no, no, I can't have kittens, go away...go home."

He didn't and while I was trying to scoot him out, Langdon came to see what all the commotion was about and thankfully assisted me, pushing the little guy out the door. Then we headed back to bed, it is his day off. The kitten kept mewing, and mewing, and mewing!

Jake came down and heard it, opened the door and brought it in. I growled from my bed that he was to put him outside. We can't have a kitten! He did.

When hubby and I finally got up the little guy was still going strong. Now he was watching us through the windows and kept trying to get in. He got in between the screen door and door and climbed it to the top all the time screaming louder and louder.

We're captiives in our own house because of a five or six week old screaming kitten! When I started back up here I didn't hear anything. Then I looked out the back porch and he's curled up in a sunny spot around one of my potted bonsai trees.

I called a friend who is a cat saver...maybe she will be able to help me.



Wendy said...

Ahhhh - but you didn't say you didn't want a kitten! LOL!

austinsna said...

Hey lady,
If you want to bring your kitten over the mountain I will take it.
Love and miss you.

Andrew said...

Well Kendra, I'll get rid of the car for you if it's still there the 23rd of this month when I come home!! Can't wait to see you!