Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Email form China

As I've mentioned earlier, my son is in China on a business trip. The following is a copy of his email, I joyously opened this morning...I'm still laughing!

Hey Mom,

I thought I would email you while I am pooping in China, I know how much you use to love it when I announced I was going poop and now I actually understand because Nathan and Boaz have a similar presentation when they go as well and it drives me crazy (in a fun sort of way).

But enough about them back to my pooper, my toilet has a built in bidet here are some of the feature:
-seat warmer
-heated water with temp. control
-two types of spray 1. is more of sprister, and the other is a pressure washer (i use both it takes both to be really clean)
-a blow dryer with temp control to dry the dirty eye
Anyway this email sounds like I am drunk but I am not just missed you and thought I would send you a silly email. You should forward it to Melissa she loves potty humor.

I hope you are doing well write me and let me know how you are doing.



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