Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Now I ask you, do I deserve a torn rotator cuff? Pain? Dependency on others to go to my physical therapy appointments? Evidently the answer to that question is YES!

My attempts at dealing with the situation vary according to how tired I am. Last night I was very tired...I had woke up in pain, taken a pain pill, had some coffee, and called the physical therapist to make an appointment...Di had left the days and times she would be available to drive me...having been up most of the night before, she wasn't very pleased when I told her she only had two more hours to sleep...oh well, she'll adjust.

She was up and ready in time to go and by the time we had driven to town was appreciating the beauty of the vine maples in their golden glory. The only thing she worried about was that she didn't know the business, or the people, being it was new. You see, she was tired and wanted to lay down and having lived here most of her life she was used to knowing the business owners by name and has never really thought twice about making herself comfortable.

Of course we had a slew of papers to fill out and being right handed (sore side) it was painful for me to fill out the paperwork so she did it for me. As she answered the questions, she came to "how did this injury occur?"...she says KEG DIVING! The receptionist chuckled. I tried to slap her but couldn't lift my arm to do so, so chuckled as well and we continued to fill out the paper work.

The patient before me was finished and I was called into the exam room. The therapist sat me down and started going through the paperwork...he says (without facial expression) I see this started when you were keg diving, just a hint of a smile was visible because he was loosing it and wouldn't look at me. I burst into laughter and explained my daughter had filled out the forms for me and we were testing him. Up until a few years ago, I didn't even know what a keg dive was! He took it well, passed the test, and I think, no I know, he will be good for me.

By the time we returned to the first room, Di was chatting with the receptionist and came over to the table I was attempting to get up on for the ultra sound. Next to that table was a huge platform like thing which Di basically threw herself on and sprawled while I had my treatment.
The treatment was to stimulte the muscles and loosen things up in there so better circulation was possible.

Whatever it did, it left me exhauted and cranky as evening approached. I tried to be pleasant. My husband said I wasn't bad...I did end up getting stuck in my clothing and had to seek assistance in getting undressed and in bed...that was torture! I fell asleep with tears streaming down my face.

I woke up very early this morning and the pain was there but not as intense, so I took a pain pill, drank some coffee and came up here to update you all.

Now I have a co-worker, Johnni, coming to spend a few hours with me, so I need to go, take my meds, put on some clothes and a smile...have a great day!


Andrew Goddard said...

I thought you were done keg diving?? Ok, no more until I can be home to partake as well. I hope your visit is nice, and that pain pills do you well. Can you share? Nah, I bet you need them all. Oh well. Love you Kendra!!!

Wendy said...

Torn rotator cuff? As if you needed that!! Do hope the pain eases with the pills and physio.
Lots of hugs,