Thursday, August 7, 2008

Saturday continued

Just prior to the Bluewater Outpost there was a portable flashing reader board on the side of the highway, this is what it said:

100 more days
Cops everywhere!

Evidently there is a campaign going on about increased surveillance or patrols...billboards picturing 100 cops. My question is, is it working? Maybe there's only 2! The area didn't look like it would have a force that big. Maybe everyone is a cop. Anyway, we didn't stop anywhere around there...I wasn't up to a cavity search.

By the way I saw something I had never seen before when we stopped at the Sky City Rest Area. There was a ballot button on the wall next to the door of the restroom, a yes, and a no. I was first of all confused as to it's function and kept going in, removed my sun glasses, and let out a miserable groan...I wasn't hurt or anything...just appalled at the condition of the rest room!! Each and every stall was covered with paper, used and otherwise; it smelled awful...I wasn't going another foot inside...I turned and almost took out Mel as she was coming through the door, she gasped and we all went out and pounded the NO button...we used the RV, for any of you wondering.

About thirty miles outside of Albuquerque we started encountering rough crosswinds, dark skies, and thunderheads building fast. The landscape did not support much more than low sage and scrub oak. Natural "washes" in the landscape intrigue me. I secretly want to step into the damp wrinkled mud and squish my toes around. But it would be a shame if we came all this way and I died from a snake bite while doing so. So I keep my secret to myself and stare out the window.

The Big A - Albuquerque! Yehaw!, the Santa Fe turn off...17 miles...we're climbing nearly even with the mesas...I can't explain how excited I was...LOL...there's a sign Exit 267, WALDO...I am cracking up here, a very good friend of mine and VHPA member is named Waldo...I refer to him as my rake and he calls me his wench...a good sign!

I see it...Santa Fe!! It's been a very long day, it's nearly seven...we are tired and road weary but oh so excited!

We did our routine RV set-up and Mel opened the freezer and it literally exploded it's contents! She pretended she was an airline person and went into the spiel about overhead baggage moving about and proceeded to save our food...the bag of chicken that had been marinating smelled really bad...TRASH IT! With that done we decided on microwave wasn't all that good but it was hot and filled the void.

Tomorrow Sante Fe and the Georgia O'Keefe Museum!

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Manic Mom said...

Kendra--it was so nice to see you at my blog. I hope you are doing well! I need to catch up with Mimi and the girls too--it's been a busy summer. God bless!