Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 3 Otherwise known as Saturday

Sorry! Just found this draft and wanted to get it in before I got any further, it's taken me twenty minutes to determine where I left off and started again (come on! I survived brain surgery!) The following is Saturday morning, which occured BEFORE the post that read "Saturday continued" , which is how I caught my flub...continued from what? DUH! Anyway, try to make sense of it.

Packed up and back on the road it's 11:48 and the Welcome to New Mexico sign sends shivers throughout my body...not because I'm cold but because we are almost there! Duly announced, Mel answers with a hardy Ya *&^%$ Hoo! She and Gen had been playing Yatze, so I'm not sure if that was actually an answer to our announcement or one of their rolls.

After a short stop at the visitors center where Mel and Gen ran in and then out with arms filled with brochures (somewhat like a Chinese Fire Drill) we continued on our journey. With eleven miles to Gallop we watched the thunderheads build, it was a magnificent sky scape!

Once in Gallop we stopped at Cracker Barrel for food (it's one of Susan's favorite places). I ended up putting in my earplugs (over stimulation of light and noise make my brain tumors angry) I ordered the tortilla soup, it had way too much chili in it for me. I went into a coughing and choking fit, scaring Susan, Mel and Gen. Not one person from the restaurant approached me. In fact, in my opinion, they all ran. I suppose I can't blame them. I ended up eating one of Mel's biscuits and getting a little cranky. We finished up and headed out...this time to Wal Mart.

Don't get me wrong but for my own reasons I am not a fan of Wal Mart's. I had choked on my lunch, ended up not eating, was hot and cranky...I opted to stay in the RV and lay down for a while. After a bit of discussion, and pointing out that the flippin' parking lot was full and that meant they were all in Wal Mart and I was exhausted and ready to flip out entirely (I will use my cane for protection or to pound my point across) from the Cracker Barrel experience they allowed me to stay, securing the door as they left. I don't think I really slept, just closed my eyes and enjoyed the quiet. Gen was the first one back...sent ahead to be sure I was okay. I was not, I had gotten up and used the facilities and as I was getting back into my seat I hit my head, very hard, on Gen's bunk (it was over the driver/front passenger area) It sent me reeling and I grabbed onto the chair and just sat down...all I could do was hold my head and cry. Gen reacted fast and furious...dropped her keys, grabbed a baggy with one hand and the ice cube tray with the other, she ran over to me and placed the ice on my "owie". Good job GenRose!! Susan and Mel followed with bags of stuff for the rest of the trip, including some propane for the new BBQ, and some pots and pans (just in case).

We hit the road again...after Susan got on the wrong highway ramp...we went to the next exit and turned ourselves around...Mel said,"oh, Crapper Barrel...potty humor!" It was pretty funny being that she has never partaken of the potty humor (well, it's very rare!)

Heading east again with a full tank of fuel-there's no stopping us now...omg, more detours, down to one lane again. I may have spoken too soon! Thinking positively, I concentrate on the beautiful red hills with a smattering of green-majestic-we follow the highway around this gorgeous mountain and there is a refinery at it's base on the other side...Ugh!

Further along, the formations are starting to resemble castles, people, animals...a truly amazing and breathtaking time for me...I just stared and took pictures through the windshield...I have photo shop...I can crop and enlarge, remove the windshield divider and wipers...keep the shape and color of the mesas and the color of the plants.

Once again, there's rain ahead of us. The mesas are increasing in number and look like red loaves of bread baking in the sun...they increase in size also, which for some reason excites me. We're about to enter the weather cell we've been watching just as we hit the Continental Divide. The rain is heavy.

I miss Oregon's rain. Who would think of missing rain?

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