Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 2 continued

It's 2:15 pm and OMG! Susan just asked Mel to drive! (She had asked Susan to teach her to safely drive the RV during this trip so she'd be able to drive it confidently in the future...but NOW?!!!)

She takes the wheel, starts it up and pulls out and onto the highway...she's staying in her lane, she's whooping and hollering like a six year old who just had the training wheels removed...first merge is successful, first semi passes...it's her virgin voyage. You should see the smile on her face! I was too busy watching to remember to take pictures! We are now 25 miles outside of Williams and Mel is still going strong...it looks like rain ahead of us...Flagstaff turn off has light rain and Winslow is 57 more miles. Mel says, "Look Ma, no hands"...no flinching either! Holy moley! She did good...she'll do fine...she overcame her fears and really did a fine job...didn't even knock over any of those orange comes!

The flat red rock formations are starting to be apparent in the landscape...this is one of the reasons I've come here; to see the rock formations, take photos of them and possibly paint them when I get home...I want to feel the warming sun on my skin and watch and study the changes in light and shadow!

The rest stop we pull into has a huge mound of red rock behind it...I can't climb it and walk around it. No wheelchair use since we got started...using my cane exclusively and a helping hand when the seats/benches are too low!

We're at 5,000 feet, with a fast decline ahead...every mile or two down feels a degree or two higher. MESAS!!! GERONIMO!!! There's a teepee on the mesa ahead! We're definitely getting closer to our goal! (I'm sure that most of what I saw along this stretch of highway was advertisement hype, but it certainly set the mood).

At 4:45 we arrived at the Holbrook KOA (I highly recommend the KOA) Showers, a store, a pool, free movies, and affordable!

Showers are a joy! GenRose and I headed out to the showers as Susan returned...what a sight! We not only carried our personal necessities; but a bath mat, so I wouldn't slip; and a shower stool, so I could rest if necessary...this was a big responsibility for GenRose, she was in charge of her grandmothers safety and welfare. She was very attentive, making sure she helped me set up the mat and stool before she left me some privacy for my shower.

All showered and refreshed, we start dinner preparations, or until Murphy reared his ugly head-news: the BBQ does not, I repeat, does not run off the propane tank we had filled in the RV; we also have no connector! Oh well, sandwiches again! Thanks Murphy!

GenRose picked Happy Feet as our movie for the night but I'm too tired and anxious about tomorrow...I head to be thinking about Georgia O'Keefe and Ghost Ranch.

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