Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friday-Day 2

We wake up and pack up the beds, get ourselves organized and the RV won't start! It's Murphy, I know it, he's hiding somewhere! Crap! Susan is cranking the key and Mel and I are going over the "are you sure you did this" list.

Gen and I head to the truck stop to pimp ourselves for information...we found a trucker (stood by the door that had a sign that read "truckers only beyond this point). I used my pathetic voice (all I had at this point, barely a whisper), Gen by my side, looking lovely as only a thirteen year old can do! He informed us it was the air filter of water pump, especially if anyone flushed the radiator recently (uh-oh, Abuelo did that last night or the night before) We thanked him and rushed back to the RV to tell Susan and Mel of our success and the RV was running! Mel-Gyver had solved the problem! (I think Mel called her Dad) It had something to do with a butterfly on the manifold and was about to become a ritual each morning...oh well, we were having fun, weren't we?

It's hot @ 10:55 am...Santa Fe here we come!

We climbed up the mountains of Arizona, through GREEN (oh how I miss the many different colors of GREEN!) Rock formations a plenty! We had to slow down to one lane due to highway construction. The landscape was full of scrub oaks, ponderosa pines...datura, salvia, sage, and sunflowers lined the highway naturally...it was spectacular!

Ranch lands, pastures of hay or wheat, fence posts made of windfall branches. These were actually called Wilderness Ranches and were going for $175.00/month...yep! I'm not kidding you, you want room, don't care to hear your neighbors? My notes say Jolly Road, Exit 40...LOL!

The thunderheads are starting to build above the hills, this has been typical monsoon stuff here according to the weather reporters.

I just saw a sign that said "RoadKill Route 66"...oh no! We lost the air conditioner-the generator went out climbing that last hill. We open the windows and get a warm yet comfortable breeze.

We are now passing Ash Fork Exit 146...Kabib National Forest. The terrrain is changing again...I see grass! Green grass!

Williams is only five miles further. We get our first trucker toot just outside Williams. Founded in 1881...we're talking horseback, walking, or covered wagon transportation here. We contemplate the reality...mutter things like, "I'd shoot him" and head to the Route 66 Diner (Mel loves this spot).

Day 2 to be continued...

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Dawn said...

Kendra, I haven't read your blog in a while. You're looking beautiful! What a fun road trip you're having. And by "fun", I mean - Oh my gosh, with all the rv troubles, it sounds like one of my camping trips!