Saturday, December 22, 2007

Screaming in the library

Yesterday I screamed in the library! I knew I would...I had warned my co-workers...yesterday, well actually the day before "Gertie" came home! Gertie is a dear friend of my daughters, one of those kids I collect. His name isn't really Gertie, but that's another story...Gertie is in the Air Force, his specialty is Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)...he hasn't been home for a year. He's been in Germany and then Iraq driving a robot around in the desert looking for bombs and then disposing of them. Saving lives.
Gertie's mom and I have formed a "mom" bond since he's been away, keeping in touch at the library and through's been a long haul for her having her baby boy off in the desert disarming bombs. We've been counting down the days together.
Yesterday was Story Time at the library...we made snow flakes! After the little ones had long gone I returned to my duties in the main library and warned my co-workers if Gertie made it to the library before my shift ended I couldn't be responsible if I screamed aloud...I felt it coming...I knew I would...and I did.
My shift was close to ending and I was heading to the Children's area to do a quick tidying. As I passed the main door it opened, I turned, saw Gertie smiling down at me and SCREAMED...I tried not to, I slapped my hands over my mouth and tried to contain myself for about ten seconds...then we just hugged and kissed and hugged some more...I really didn't care if I was making a spectacle of myself and Gertie certainly didn't seem to mind. By this time people were looking our way, my boss was at the information desk and stood up to see what the commotion was and just smiled and sat back down. I managed to contain myself somewhat...the tears wouldn't stop though.
I grabbed Gertie's hand, quickly introduced him to my boss and dragged him to the back area and loudly proclaimed, "Gertie's home! I'm happy!" I was literally jumping up and down. It was so crazy, like a five year old after a gallon of ice cream! I am so thankful this young man is home! It's made my Christmas!

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