Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Mania!

I have it! I definitely do! The whole shopping and present thing can wait...I'm experiencing a cleaning and decorating frenzy like never before. I've found the corners of the dining room! The spiders that haven't gotten sucked up by the vacuum cleaner are scared, their homes destroyed. I found my daughter's necklace, lost for over two years, hiding in the bottom of a box of extra Christmas light bulbs. I taped it to her bathroom mirror in the shape of a huge smile. She's a happy girl! I've dusted the basket of Christmas cards for the last time. I've even created a Christmas letter and insert for our summer party. Moving right along, list in hand...I'm feeling like super woman! I plan on decorating a Doug fir at the entrance to our driveway before I head off to work today...I'm losing it, but having fun along the way!

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