Friday, December 14, 2007

Dog Poop

Yes, dog poop! When I got home from work yesterday I found my recycle containers had been tossed in a pile of dog poop...I only hope the trash man/waste management specialist stepped in it. Then as I loaded the trash can into the car I noticed a white oozing...I was brave, I peaked looked like puke and it was all over. I managed to get everything into the car and drove it up the road to the house where I left it off the drive way to deal with later. So, this morning as I'm heading out to decorate the tree at the end of the driveway (more on that later!) I see the trash can and recycle containers...I lug them out to the greenhouse because in my incredible organizing frenzy I've drained all the hoses around the house and actually put them away for the winter! So there I was in the rain hosing out the trash can and the recycle containers...that done, I headed inside for the Christmas balls and the hooks, grabbed the ladder, loaded it all in the car and headed down the driveway to decorate the doug fir. I had failed to realize that my husband had limbed up the tree and the last time I remember standing down there must have been two years ago...the darned thing grew! If I had stood the ladder in the truck bed I might have been able to get to the fourth set of branches, not half way! Although rather disappointed, I loaded all the stuff back in the car and headed back to the house. Once inside I decided to tackle the three year old cards in the basket in my living room...hey, life happens! I had printed out the "sorry, we're stupid" holiday letters that explained why they hadn't heard from us in years and decided to copy the yearly party invite/inserts at work because I was now running out of time. For some reason, knowing I had the inserts to put into the cards that had been ready all but for stamps for three years, I promptly sealed each envelope. With only three left to seal I panicked and started ripping open every envelope...they look awful...but I had to laugh, not only were these cards three years old but now it will be obvious (I'm using scotch tape to reseal them)that I ripped them open for some reason...oh well...the sentiment is real and the job is half done. Now I'm worried because I was all prepared to decorate a tree outdoors and am seriously considering a random drive by decorating! Wouldn't that be fun? I really think I might do it!