Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I hate cars! I am car "challenged"... I am a fairly intelligent woman who cannot for the life of me retain anything told, explained, or shown about cars...I know where the gas goes, the oil, the water, the spare tire (and I can and have changed them on my own)...I just don't retain the information...I've realized it's because I don't care to. All I want is for the damned thing to get me where I want to go!
I have spent my days off shuttling my car, my husbands car, my car again, back and forth to the mechanic for the last three weeks. My dear friend David turned us on to this great mechanic down the road from him...he's honest, reasonable, and reliable. He's even saved me when I got stuck on the side of the road. Yesterday David and I started shuttling cars (both!) at 7:30 in the 11 he brought me home in his "work" truck and drove his Toyota home. He left the "work" truck in case I needed transportation for some reason (we live 10 miles from the nearest town).
I proceeded with my Christmas Frenzy...the first floor floors needed a mopping desperately! We live in the woods, we heat with a wood stove, it's a log gets very dirty! We have wood floors with the linoleum thing in the kitchen, hall, and mud room. Yesterday I started with the wood floors in the living room...after all the grand kids will be here Monday and I thought it would be nice if they could be on the floors and not be filthy by the time they left. I always feel like I need to wash their clothes when they leave or at least offer up a bottle of the stain spray stuff.
I didn't just mop the floors...I swept, moved furniture, swept the walls, mopped 1/4 of the floor space at a time and then put everything back when the space was dried. I think I did it in good time, it only took four hours! The living room is finished and ready for the tree!
My husband had called at some point during the afternoon and started asking me questions about the cars...I was mopping when he called...finally I said, I am car challenged, I retain nothing, I know this, you know this, it's a fact, don't make it an issue, call David or the mechanic! By four I was exhausted and the phone was David saying one car was done, but the battery had died and needed charging. I told him we had a charger and we could start the shuttle over again...I could take his "work" truck to his house with the charger and charge the car and drive it home. Somehow we both decided to wait until today to do the shuttling.
About five o'clock I turned on the outdoor lights and there was David coming down the drive in my car...somehow he managed to start it and made it here. He got his truck and went home.
When my husband came home last night he was frantic about his car not being here. I explained the situation and the fact that his car was not ready first, mine was...and we (meaning him and I) would just have to take care of it in the morning after his dental appointment. He was obviously a bit put out...too bad! I suddenly was a little mad! David and I had been inconvenienced most of the was his turn to feel some of it! I also let him know that my battery needed to be charged...and guess what he did? He raised the volume on the television with the remote control!
Hopefully, when my husband gets home from his dental appointment we will head to the mechanic and pick up his car. Hopefully, we will then go out and find gifts for my son and his wife, the last two to get. Hopefully, we will enjoy this day together...I just hope we remember to charge the darned battery on my car so I can get to Story Time at the library tomorrow!
Tis the season!

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Dawn said...

I'm seriously car challenged too! Thankfully, my husband is not. Anyway, I couldn't find an email address for you, but I wanted to let you know that Michelle from My Semblance of Sanity is indeed my friend. She learned about Julian from me and has been raising awareness and money for him. She's a really good person with a great heart!
Thanks so much for looking out for me though. :) ~Dawn