Sunday, September 21, 2008

Piles and Boxes!

This has become my life. It includes my grandfathers and his mother and fathers also. I have spent the last three days going through boxes of my personal photos and putting them in piles. There's the immediate family piles, the individual children piles, the individual grand kid get the picture now don't you?!

I can't bend down too low for too long. Squatting is out of the question. I get hubby and Jake the Snake to haul one box downstairs to work on as "down time"...after all we now have a zillion television channels to choose from and dvr (I can't use it until I read that part of the big fat instruction booklet-MY RULE!)

Anyway, the weather has gotten cold and wet here and this is what I've chosen to do with my time. There are several reasons. It's one of those things that one (or I) can put off for a life time and I no longer have the life time I imagined I would have.

I'm having Di and Jay take their individual boxes now. Mel will eventually be back up. If she drives, she can haul it back herself. Otherwise Jay and Christy now have dry, protected space in their barn...thanks to Jake's hard work!

I have no problem making the piles...I have one pile "to fight over"...I really hope they don't fight...they can't really, there's more than enough for each of them to get.

It's been fun though...reliving the day of the picture taking. I can always tell if the smiles are genuine or not. Di snarls quite a bit when caught with the camera pointing at her...I love it...that's who she is...she actually turned her back on the audience at a school performance in first or second grade because she realized it was being taped. All you see of her is her long dark braids...I didn't purchase the tape.

It looks like I made some progress to me. Soon I'll be able to reach all corners of the room. The things I want near me until the end will have some tape on the back with the name of who I would like to give it to. (Yes, Mel, the mountain pics are yours!)

Now that I've taken this time to rest and blog, I'd better get back to work!

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Wendy said...

Oh those mountains of old family pictures! I also have stacks to go through. What a job. But it is fun to look back on those memories and fun times.