Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day at the Oregon Coast

Well. it's almost time...I'm so excited...Mel and I are headed to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! I've never been! You see, there's been an issue concerning the kicker motor on our boat...something that a cable, or perhaps backing in the boat would solve, but my husband tends to get over paranoid about some issues...such as tsunami's...and there's always an excuse as to why we cannot stop and tour the Tillamook Cheese Fatory! So Mel and I have decided we are going to make the time to do this, and I am sooooooooooooo excited! I do believe it is wheelchair accessible and should be a whole lot of fun and we get squeaky cheese at the end of the tour! Actually, most anything is fun with Mel, First Born Child of My Loins...I've taught her well...she knows when to act like Rosey the Rivoter, and when to have fun! We don't actually leave until Friday but are planning out out our drive and what we want to firewood...the house supplies just one Dura-Flame log per day...what's with that?! Also, need to grab all the party chairs for the deck, so we can sit out and enjoy the scenary of the petrified forest that sits like Stone Hedge and I'm hoping we can see from somewhere on the property. Evidently, the outdoor heaters that are at my son's do not work properly, so that will require taking exta afghans and blankets, so we can be comfortable sitting out at night...I have not checked if we can have a bon fire, which would be ideal, especially with several bags of marshmellows...I love roasting marshmellows! It usually takes me half a bag to perfect the perfect roasted marshmellow...I don't know if my son is planning on taking his boat, but Langdon is definitly taking ours and crab pots...he's not sure if he's traveling out on Friday after work or early Saturday morning...I suppose it will depend on his energy level and the tides...he's called Charlie the neighbor and asked him to come over and spot him in getting the boat out of the barn at some point today. We're experiencing what I call "Mountain Mist" today, which is a slow, soft, wettness that is barely visible but constant and will not allow me to practice wheelchairing in the drive like I had planned...oh well! About 1:30 today my friend Laurie, from the library, will be joining me to help me pack up a box for the Nebraska Historical Society of my great-grandparents stuff...they were Homesteaders and my Grandfather was the self-appointed geneologist and did a good job of saving all these's really an incredible collection of items and I'm eager for the collection to get to there...we are just going to fill a box and get it off in the mail, let them itemize it and sort it out...I will write what I think the plaque should will be done, and I won't have to worry about it anymore! If you think you might like to join us for any amount of time...just let us know!


Betsy said...

I LOVE squeeky cheese!! I haven't been there either, and I've lived in Oregon for most of my life, how sad! You will have to tell us, is it all its cracked up to be!

Kimmie said...

Have fun...boating and cheese...what a mix!

In Vermont I ate squeeky cheese *cheese curds they were called...quite yummy! Hope you enjoy cheese up to your eyeballs and may your voyage be sweet.

Prayers for your safety!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

My Semblance of Sanity said...


It has been a blessing knowing you!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Hmmmmm....I have to ask, what is squeeky cheese? I don't think we have anything like that here in the midwest.
Sounds like you have a nice trip planned....Enjoy!

Wendy said...

What the heck is squeeky cheese? Since I love cheese it must be good! Happy Mother's Day. Hope your weekend is fun.