Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Las Vegas

I am presently in Las Vegas with the girls...Mel and I drove down Thursday 15 and Friday 16, we spent the night at Reno...at the old Hilton which was wonderful...I would highly recommend it! Las Vegas is presently having a weather event...yesterday it was 107 degrees, today they predict a mere 105! Right now the skies are cloudy and the wind is howling! Nick and Mindy are both down for the count with tummy problems-I'm staying away from them! Mindy just found out that her paternal grandparents have bought her father a ticket to Vegas to attend her graduation...I am so happy they can manage that for her...she pretended it didn't bother her but you could tell she was deeply hurt by it. My trip to Ghost Ranch and the Georgia O'Keefe museum is still somewhat up in the air as we are dealing with the end of the year and senior events and have to squeeze every thing in. Di and Jake are due in June 9th, which is exciting...I miss them! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to the blog but I've been fighting the fatigue from the radiation...similar to being blasted in the head by a bat, if you ask me. At least I've been getting some sleep since the medication's have been adjusted. I'll try to get back tomorrow.


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MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I was beginning to worry. You haven't posted in a while. So glad you are having some fun with the girls. I do hope you get to visit the ranch and Georgia O'Keefe museum. Please post about it if you do.

Hope the fatigue doesn't get you too down. Make sure you get enough rest and relaxation.