Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've been suffering from guilt for weeks, but the exhaustion is stronger! I try like all get out to post and just thinking about it tires me out and I head into the bedroom and sleep for fourteen to eighteen hours. I have over 400 emails to read. Everyone feels like they should be the one I answer, no offense, but making the decision is way too much for me this point...the rash is nearly cleared up, but my hands are still sore and my nails, while lovely, need to be the heck do people get things done with nails this long? Yesterday, Mindy and Kimberly went to the mall and brought back a pair of "Happy Pants"...they felt the scrubs I've been wearing were too drab and I needed something with a bit more color and pizazz!

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Dawn said...

Don't feel guilty, silly! Rest up so you can enjoy your trips!